Steve McCord Director of Photography

I grew up in Mexico City surrounded by family and long time friends. At the age of 10, I moved with my immediate family to Toronto and from there to Texas when I was 16. The sense of being out of place was continual and enormous.

This deep unbelonging drove this thesis piece, reflecting my full range of self in its style and approach. More than anything, this is a gift to myself, to my peers, and to the crew and cast that made it happen. This piece reflects the full breath of who I am, with my heart on its sleeve. This is deeply personal. All the Super 8mm film is of my dad and his childhood. The voice over recorded is my own, with actual words that my grandma spoke to my father and my father passed down to me.

Looking back, I realized that most, if not all, of my memories had a big bottle of Coke in the background. From nights out with friends to pizza parties to college parties, warm family dinners, Coca Cola was always there, and the nostalgic appeal of that specific product echoed loudly in me. I realized while writing that all of these “small” moments seemed to be the loudest and most precious to me. They were the moments I wanted to recreate.

Being a first generation immigrant carries conflicting identity markers, you speak Spanish at home but go out and listen to The Melvins with your friends at full blast. The world seems incredibly different at home than outside, and coming to terms with how I fit in the mix is always a challenge. Creating a piece for an American audience in Spanish was very important to me. I proudly stand by my roots; this is my first tongue and the only way I can show the most genuine version of who I am. I want my work to reflect my experiences, and be seen throughout Canada, Mexico and the United States of America, the three places I call home.

Grandes Momentos is for the dreams of the future and the memories of the past. More than anything, this piece is a true gift to my inner child. I hope this echoes as deeply for you as it does for me.

John Rains - Executive Producer/Line Producer
César Velasco - Prod/Dir/writer/editor
Steve McCord - Prod/DP
Daniel Sahad - Ass. Prod/Casting Dir
Joe Reynolds - UPM
Zachary Marlow - 1st AD
Elle Rains - PA
Seigen Bretzke - Sound Mixer
Christina Facundo - Wardrobe Designer / HMU
Gabby Avalos - Wardrobe Assist /HMU
Keaton Loudamy - Gaffer
Russel Rakestraw - Key Grip
Dan Leonard - Swing
Chris Cogswell - Swing
Alex Le -Swing
Krista Kummerl - Art Director/Set Dresser
Kayla Kummerl - Set dresser/ Art Director
Nico Paprota - 1st AC
Paola Oliveros - 2nd AC / Media Loader
Connor Cross - Drone Operator / PA
Nico Loayza - Location Manager (Family Home)

Jeremi Mattern - Editor
Carlos Adán Castro - Co-Writer
Alex Winker - Color Correction
Seigen Bretzke - Sound Design / Mix
Sudie Abernathy - Score
Teddy Georgia Waggy - Score

Backstory - Production
Convoy - G&E
Cassia Films - Camera & Lenses
MPS - Lenses
Kodak - Super8mm Film
Texas Archive of Moving Images - Film Scan & Archive
Paprota Family - Family Home Location